Ever since the “perfect storm” (earthquake, tsunami, nuclear reactor meltdown and crisis) hit on March 11th, the shocked and grieving nation of Japan has been trying to find something to feel good about, something to pin their hopes on. They found just that in the Japanese Women’s Soccer Team, “Nadeshiko Japan”.

Most people never even knew the Japanese had a professional women’s soccer team, much less that many of the women on the team had a deep connection with the area hardest hit, Fukushima. One woman used to work at the nuclear plant before the accident occurred. A couple of others played on the now dissolved TEPCO (owner of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant) women’s soccer team, and just a couple of years back, it appears the team even held a soccer training camp for women in Fukushima as well.

So when Nadeshiko Japan, traveled to Germany to play in the World Cup, they carried the hearts and hopes of all those in the devastated Tohoku region and nation with them. Before every game, their coach would show them pictures of the devastation to remind them that their mission was bigger than just winning a game. Their mission was to help bring their country joy, hope and pride once again.

And then it happened. The smallest team of players (average height- 5’4”) who weren’t expected to make it beyond the quarter finals, did something unimaginable.  In the final game against America, not only did they come back from behind to tie it in the final minutes, but when Saki Kumagai scored the winning goal, they won the World Cup and more importantly lifted their nation’s sprits and hearts forever.

おめでとう 御座います 日本!  Congratulations Japan!


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