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Cross-Cultural Business Consulting

Having lived and worked many years in Japan, Founder & CEO Connie Lockwood began consulting for both Japanese and Americans companies in the 1980’s. Whether you are a company who already does business with the Japanese, or are trying to break into the Japanese market, understanding the subtle nuances and differences of Japanese culture and the Japanese mind is key to improving  relationships between Japanese and US companies.

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Customer Service Training

As our clients expect only the highest quality of attention it was only natural for us to develop a service consulting and training division which focuses on helping corporate clients improve their level of service and guest loyalty.

Elite Consulting specializes in customer service training in the Hospitality and Fitness industries.  Our Elite Training Program is designed to enhance our client’s profitability by improving guest loyalty and increasing employee motivation and satisfaction.  Our customized training programs deliver results based on in-depth client analysis and proven customer service training systems and techniques.  Based in the US, Elite Consulting has also worked with clients in Japan and the Caribbean.  With over 50 years of customer service and leadership experience and expertise, Elite Consulting gives our clients the necessary tools to deliver outstanding service with the end result of happier, more loyal customers and a better bottom line.

In today’s global marketplace, clients demand world-class service no matter where they are in the world.  Companies which provide this top level of service will be rewarded with loyal and repeat business.

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