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Beyond the exterior façade of modern Japan remains a wonderfully ancient culture, rich in traditions, rituals, beliefs, and revered values of honor and mutual respect. On the outside Japanese appear contemporary, however their hearts and beliefs are grounded in philosophies and religions dating back 2000 years.  Simple but elegant, “wabi sabi” evokes quintessential Japan. From the fragrance of a hot cedar bath to the fine artistry of silk weaving and flower arranging, everything in this ancient culture is done with an unspoken reverence and delicate care.

A lovely land of endless mountain chains filled with awe-inspiring temples, shrines, rice paddies, and heavenly hot springs, Japan is a land and experience you don’t want to miss!



On the other side of the world, Africa with its bountiful and primal beasts, beauty, history and tribal cultures offers the traveler a life changing experience. As Elite Tours International supports a school in Uganda and a micro credit in Kenya we thought it only natural to offer customized tours to this beautiful part of the world.

In Uganda it doesn’t take long to understand why it was given the name The Pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill on his first visit there in the 50’s. Home to the endangered mountain gorillas,  the source of the Nile River, the lush green Bwindi impenetrable Forest,  and Jane Goodall’s Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary,  Uganda and Ugandans are nothing less than gems.

Kenya, or God’s Place as it’s known, is just that; a little piece of heaven. From the majestic hills of the Rift Valley, the beautiful shores of Mombasa and Lamu Island on the sea, to the Masai Mara where more wild game reside than any other place on earth, God’s Place is guaranteed to take your breath away.

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