Making A Difference …

For those interested in making a difference in Africa, we offer customized tours that include a visit to our Help Empower village project and to The Kent Foundation College & Training Institute, a school and vo-tech training program we support in Mbarara, Uganda.

Help Empower is our non-profit organization providing micro loans in Kinangop, Kenya to women in the village helping them start their own businesses, which in turn helps to empower their lives and most importantly enables them to send their children to school.

Kent Foundation College & Training Institute in Mbarara, Uganda provides primary through high school education as well as vo-tech training in helping to change the lives of all its students, many of whom are HIV/AIDS orphans, refugees from Rwanda and the disadvantaged in the surrounding area.

In both countries you will have the rare opportunity to interact with students and other individuals in communities. Perhaps you will change their lives and in the process find that you too have been changed in ways now unimaginable.

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